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Latest News

June 4th, 2015

22nd Annual Salinas Valley Ammonia Safety Day

MTC Students were excited to attend the 22nd Annual Ammonia Safety Day on May 21,2015 in Salinas Valley.

The Salinas Valley Ammonia Safety Day is comprised of industry, regulatory, fire, contracting and other business professionals involved with processes that use anhydrous ammonia and other hazardous chemicals.


Modesto Technical College is one of the top vocational training career schools in the Central Valley of California. We are dedicated to providing our students with "Hire Education" which is the training that will get you Hired in a fulfilling long term career

We offer various courses in Automotive Mechanic training, Industrial Refrigeration & Ammonia Refrigeration systems, HVAC, Programmable Logic Controllers, Maintenance Mechanic, Maintenance Technician and welding.  Any of which will lead you to a rewarding career.

Modesto Technical College students benefit from:

  • Support staff to help you to identify and qualify for financing for your training
  • Convenient morning, afternoon and evening classes (with online courses coming soon)
  • Concentrated course work leading to a fulfilling long term career
  • Supportive atmosphere with lab aids and lab techs
  • Small to medium size classes that will provide you with more personal attention
  • Graduate job placement assistance
Modesto Technical College – Where You Learn to Earn

Modesto Technical College was founded in 1996 to meet the training needs of employers and individuals. While employer preference played a major role in the formulation of curriculum and course content, the needs and individual characteristics of the trainee determined teaching methods, course length, and learning pace.

Our courses are not just designed to give you the training and experience you need for a fulfilling long term career we focus on training and experience that will allow you to get certified in your skill.  Industry level certification shows potential employers that you have the skills and can apply them to you job in an effective manner.  We insure our courses give you the skills needed for certification and will work with you to get you certified.  Below are some of the certifications our graduates can expect to achieve when they graduate from Modesto Technical College.

Get Certified!

All of Modesto Tech College’s Industrial Refrigeration instructors are RETA Certified with years of experience in the industry.  We use only training materials provided by RETA and use the latest state-of-the-art equipment for training you to become RETA Certified.