Obtain Your Certification

Train to become an Industrial Refrigeration Technician with RETA Certification at Modesto Technical College in California.  We are the only Vocational College in the entire West Coast to offer state-of-the-art training in Industrial & Ammonia Refrigeration.     

These classes are designed for refrigeration technicians, engineers, and maintenance personnel from meat packing, refrigerated warehousing, and pharmaceutical industries.  Students will receive hands-on  and theory based training to become skilled in the operation, service, and maintenance of industrial refrigeration equipment.


Levels of RETA Certification

RETA offers certification at two levels. There are 110 questions in the CARO test and 135 questions in CIRO test:

Certified Assistant Refrigeration Operator (CARO)

The Certified Assistant Refrigeration Operator (CARO) is an entry-level examination designed to identify whether an operator has the basic knowledge to function safely in an engine room under the supervision of a more experienced operator. There are no minimum experience requirements.

Certified Industrial Refrigeration Operator (CIRO)

The CIRO examination is for operators with at least two years experience. Satisfactory completion of the following RETA courses is suggested but does not guarantee a passing score on the CIRO exam.

Industrial Refrigeration (IR) I · IR II (systems)
IR IV (plant operation and safety)
Basic Electricity (BE) I · BE II (ladder diagrams)

Other publications are available that introduce the content areas examined in the CIRO test. RETA does not endorse or guarantee that all content areas in the CIRO exam are covered in these materials.