About Modesto Technical College

Modesto Technical College provides training in trade and technical areas. Training for the beginner as well as the advanced Technician is available. We are dedicated to providing our students with Hire Education which is the Education and training that will get them Hired in a fulfilling new career.  We are fully versed in all of the funding options available to help pay for your training.  Modesto Tech College’s trained support staff is eager to help you identify and qualify for the financing you are entitled to for your training.

Classes are offered during the day, evening and on the weekend. We are one of the top Vocational College's in Modesto, CA. We are approved to enroll students with: Workers Compensation vouchers, WIA, Vocational Rehabilitation, and several Veterans GI Bill Educational Programs. Many young people and their families choose our school to develop the skills to enable them to be self supporting. Modesto Technical College is approved by the Bureau for Private Postsecondary Education.

School of Automotive Technology

Our Auto Mechanics training program provides trade training in : Brakes, Air conditioning, Engine Performance, Fuel Injection, Electrical Systems, Steering & Suspension, and Alignment. (MACS Certification) A/C Certification is included. Prepare for your State Smog Cert Test (BAR Certification). Up-Date Classes and Alternative classes are available for the Smog Technician. Train to become an Automotive Technician in our Auto Mechanics Repair Program. You can also earn you State Brake and Lamp license and prepare for your ASE certification.

School of Maintenance Technology

Our building maintenance trade program trains you to become an Electrician, HVAC Technician, or Industrial Technician. Study for and train to pass the EPA Certification Exam for HVAC Technicians. Preparatory material from ESCO Institutegets you ready to certify for residential air conditioning . Trade school training in our technical college prepares you for a solid career.

School of Industrial Refrigeration

Train to become an Industrial Refrigeration Technician with RETA Certification at Modesto Technical College in California.  We are the only Vocational College in the entire West Coast to offer state-of-the-art training in Industrial & Ammonia Refrigeration. These classes are designed for refrigeration technicians, engineers, and maintenance personnel from meat packing, refrigerated warehousing, and pharmaceutical industries.  Students will receive hands-on  and theory based training to become skilled in the operation, service, and maintenance of industrial refrigeration equipment. We also offer preparation for the RETA exam.

School of Welding Technology

As a graduate In the Modesto Technical college welding school you'll possess a skill with career opportunities and earning potential.  According to many local and national news reports, a qualified welder are in short supply and are listed as a "high priority occupation" for the growth of the economy.

Purpose & Philosophy


odesto Technical College was founded to meet the training needs of employers and individuals. While employer preference played a major role in the formulation of curriculum and course content, the needs and individual characteristics of the trainee determined teaching methods, course length, and learning pace. The training program is designed to prepare the student for employment in the shortest time possible. To achieve this goal, course content is very structured and training includes job experience where practical. The primary mission of the institution is to provide technical and business related training programs to individuals wishing to enter the job market. A secondary goal of the institution is to develop and deliver training programs that upgrade job skills for those currently employed.

Modesto Technical College strives to provide excellence in technical and business education for the community of individuals it serves. The institution maintains excellence in classroom, laboratory, and equipment as well as in curricula, staff, and faculty. The institution provides quality vocational education for all persons regardless of: race, creed, color, sex, or age. In order to meet the varied needs of its student body, trainees are allowed to progress at their own pace but to the maximum of their abilities.

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